The comprehensive service your business needs

Each business has different needs at different stages of its life cycle, from its inception and formation, through to its growth, consolidation and maturity. But all of them have to mitigate risks, overcome obstacles and tackle challenges.

At certain times, businesses may need external support to help them overcome difficulties and achieve success.

At LeadPro Advisors, we offer you a personalised service, a tailored approach adapted to your business that meets your specific needs in the most effective and efficient way possible.

We will work with you in an approachable, dynamic and adaptable way, tailored to each set of circumstances.

We offer you a wide range of services, which cover a large variety of areas. However, we are highly specialised in:   

Entrepreneurship and Start Ups
We create business value
We design an optimal capital structure
We provide funding
We find you the ideal companion for your journey

LeadPro Music

We also have a sub-division, LeadPro Music, focused on the music and entertainment industry, through which we can assist businesses with various matters:

Project accelerator: investment, funding search and start-up.

Business mergers, sales and acquisitions.

Legal consultancy for industry stakeholders: songwriters, promoters, producers, artists and so on.

Specific music industry marketing and communication consultancy.

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We are a firm that makes constant progress to achieve optimal results in new areas, in line with our clients’ requirements.

We innovate to achieve success in the face of new challenges, in a constantly evolving world.

Tell us what you need. Our team will find the solutions for you.